Jade Wilkinson

I’ve been going to Firelight Studios acting classes since carl started them up a couple of months ago and not only am I having an amazingly fun experience but I’m getting what I came here for. I wanted to branch out and try something new, to step out of my comfort zone so I could better myself. Carl is very welcoming to everyone who comes through the doors and he really helps you to believe in yourself and widen your knowledge of the acting for film and television industry. He treats everyone in exactly the same way and spends time making sure everyone gets the support and tuition they need. I could not recommend carl or firelight studios enough, I am so much more confident now! It is honestly one of the best things I have got involved in!

Lisa Ginge Hannah

Darcy has been attending firelight studios since it opened she is 9 years old and loving every minute of it Carl is brilliant with the kids x

Cath Land

Brilliant studio! Thomas loves acting and at Firelight he is really developing his knowledge and skills of performing. Carl is great with the students, his enthusiasm is contagious, and he offers a huge amount of support and encouragement to their acting development.

Lucy Walton

I have been attending Firelight Studios since the first session and I have enjoyed every lesson. Carl is very laid back and welcomes everyone! He provides for all ages and is a genuine pleasure to be taught by.

Amanda Vaughan

A fantastic studio and acting coach. Carl is great with everyone. My daughter has loved being part of this and improved so much in her time there. Would highly recommend.